Being a company with 23 years of experience in servicing forklift trucks, Emtor can provide its customers with a flexible offer of high-quality original spare parts, comprehensive servicing packages and full service options. Thanks to its skilled and stable team as well as long-standing experience of its service technicians, Emtor provides services of the highest level. Above all, the company is customer-oriented, providing customers with professional advice regarding the choice of the right forklift truck and the best servicing package on a 24/7 basis (following prior consultation).

Thanks to its novel truck servicing management system, Emtor has access to full information about defects and repair costs.

In 2009, we introduced modern portable tablet PCs - a new technology in the provision of services that improves customer service. Our service technicians receive electronic assignments and can issue confirmation of completed technical inspection at the customer's site. The customer then approves that confirmation by signing the matrix with an electronic pen. That document is sent to our software immediately, and then the service administration department issues an invoice, attaching the confirmation of completed technical inspection. What is more, our service technicians are able to connect to Emtor's server and Yale's intranet portal from anywhere in Poland. As a result, they can quickly order spare parts, send inquiries via e-mail and obtain necessary information from forklift truck catalogs.

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W przypadku braku możliwości skontaktowania się z oddziałem lub jako bezpośredni kontakt poza godzinami pracy biur: Linia alarmowa serwisu 24/7 – tel. +48 609 660 392